The Future of MetaForce

MetaForce Comics
4 min readJan 17, 2023


Looking back on the last few years, and forward to 2023, there are a lot of things to reflect upon in the MetaForce world. Let’s start where it often starts, at the beginning.

Back in 2020 a group of guys that all had their own small projects going on decided to get together and make a comic book project. The idea was to make a project that could serve as a hub for collaboration between projects. We could be a comic writer, a publisher, and find collaboration projects. In 2021 we dropped our first collectibles and later in the year the first comics. Since then we have dropped a few more comics and a fair amount of collaboration NFTs. These were primarily art based projects and we shared styles and designs and enjoyed building the community.

As 2021 moved forward into 2022 we found ourselves, along with the whole of the wax space, moving towards a more gaming centric platform. We made a collaboration drop with Wombat, a comic book with Alien Worlds and became a Warsaken Ally. We also established a presence in many of the growing gaming and metaverse platforms. We introduced the idea of the “MetaForce Arcade” where we would reward participation at MetaForce owned lands and/or venues in the games that were emerging on WAX. While we built arcade we also launched CMX, our token/coin collectible. This collectible could be blended up into higher denominations but could also be burned to become fungible for purchasing MetaForce NFTs. This was a way to connect our gaming and comics through a common resource.

In 2023 we want to continue to build focused on community and collaboration. We want to engage people in what they want to be doing, rather than focusing on selling as many NFTs as we can. We will continue to build on all of our existing products. We have comics in design and development, we have art and collectibles coming up, and we have community participation in arcade increasing. We will be introducing the new 2023 CMX coins for minting in the coming weeks. They will feature the characters voted on by the community last year.

We will be opening up how we do arcade to allow flexibility with the type of games with which we interact. We will begin experimenting with creating partnerships with individuals who own the game assets, rather than relying on them being exclusively owned by MetaForce. As a community we will decide what games we want to be playing through community feedback and eventually voting.

Another big move for 2023 will be to further develop how community involvement looks within the MetaForce world. We have begun the process of building a community run board of directors for MetaForce. To start the members have been appointed, but this is meant as a temporary measure only, so that the appointed board can help design a more community based project. We are currently researching the best possible ways to transition control of MetaForce to the people who deserve it the most, those that have supported us over the past several years. Things like LP voting and arcade game voting will be part of the community run decision making, and over time there will be more. Eventually we hope that we can make the board of directors an elected position of sorts. Exactly how this will be done is still part of the future and not fully determined as the community will help steer the ship.

While voting now is limited to discord emotes and bots, there will eventually be a new token that will be used for voting. The name of the token has not been finalized, as we will involve the community in that decision. Also the exact mechanics of its use must be finalized and we will work with an on chain voting solution to decide how that will work. It’s our plan to have a custom contract that will allow more flexibility than some current on chain voting mechanics allow.

It’s our current intention to be able to trade in CMX, which will be burned and removed from circulation, to receive the new voting token. This will mean by participating in the MetaForce world you will earn arcade tickets that can be traded for CMX, or CMX directly through various means. That CMX can then be burned to get voting tokens to allow you to drive the project in the direction that you see fit.

These are all big changes that will take time to implement and will be driven by the community. They will come slowly and methodically over the year. While working through these new mechanics we will continue to provide products we have in the past as well as work to find staking partners for current MetaForce NFTs.

We will continue our buyback and burn program to allow NFTs that may have an over circulation to be burned for CMX. We will continue to progress on comic book projects we have in the background. We will continue to all the things we have done in a sustainable way that we can afford as a project.

If you have thoughts, ideas, or feedback, join the MetaForce community and let us know. We want to make sure the community is well represented and is driving the project in a way that makes it work for them.

We are looking forward to a great 2023 and finding the path to making the MetaForce community the masters of its future.