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4 min readMar 24, 2021
MetaForce Comics

This week marks the official start of the MetaForce collection. We will be distributing a set of promotional stickers. The stickers feature a sample of the artwork for the upcoming collectible series.

Each week for the next 5 weeks there will be a promo drop for one of our Citizens on Saturday at 11am eastern. Those drops have been scheduled and can be found on our website Make sure to check back there regularly as we will be constantly adding content as the pack sale draws closer. The week preceding each of those drops we will have a number of ways that you can earn the Champion sticker that matches with that weekend’s Citizen sticker. We have kicked off week one with a Twitter bounty that has you completing some tasks to earn the War Drop Champion sticker. The Mar$ Utah Citizen sticker will drop on Saturday to pair with the War Drop sticker. There will be additional opportunities to earn a War Drop sticker throughout the week. The more engaged you are with the MetaForce social media and chat channels the more likely you are to earn a Sticker.

War Drop

The final week before the pack sale we will be having drops for each of the Alters. Each Citizen uses their Alter as well as their special ability to harness the Essence to transform into their Champion. The Alter drops are scheduled and will be 11am Eastern Monday the 26th through Friday the 30th all leading up to our pack sale on May 1st. These drops will allow you to complete the full set of Citizen, Alter and Champion. With 5 of each there will be 15 stickers between them all.

But you may be asking, who is it that MetaForce will be fighting? Who are their adversaries? Though there is some mystery surrounding the foes we do know that they have been referred to as Evil-Doers. The Evil-Doers have been plotting and scheming their various plans and it appears that they may be coordinating. Available information points to the idea that they work together in a Federation of Evil-Doers or the FED for short. Keep an eye out as the month goes on. There will also be ways to earn members of the FED by interacting with the MetaForce team and community. Each of the 5 FED members will have their own sticker. These stickers will be dropped randomly through various methods throughout the month proceeding the pack sale.

There will be a total of 20 different stickers. Each sticker will be capped at 2,000 each. All of these stickers will be distributed for free. Half of the stickers, the Citizens and the Alters, will be distributed through traditional drops. The other half, the Champions and the Evil-Doers, will be distributed through community interaction. We want to make sure that there is ample opportunity for the stickers to get into the hands of people who genuinely want to collect them while also providing a recognizable distribution system for those used to the standard drop model. We hope that this approach gives everyone a chance to get what they are looking to collect. We have capped the number of stickers as we felt that we didn’t want to saturate the market. These will be the most widely distributed NFTs in the series 1 collection. Expect all collectible cards in the series to be more rare than the stickers once the burn to upgrade mechanics are completed.

Schedule of drops
Week of 3/22 — War Drop community interaction
3/27 — Mar$ Utah Atomic Drop

Week of 3/29 — Chain Wreck community interaction
4/3 — Recourier Atomic Drop

Week of 4/5— Blockfather community interaction
4/10 — TDavis Atomic Drop

Week of 4/12 — Magiisto community interaction
4/17 — Lefthouse Atomic Drop

Week of 4/19 — NXIS community interaction
4/24 — Mix Plik Atomic Drop

4/26 — Pantheon Atomic Drop

4/27 — Hell Camino Atomic Drop

4/28 — Umbertos Atomic Drop

4/29 — Phonebooth Atomic Drop

4/30 — New SF Mint Atomic Drop

5/1 — Pack Sale

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