MetaForce Comics
2 min readMar 28, 2022

MetaForce Maximum Metaverse

The pioneering crew of MetaForce Comics Champions — Mix Plik, Mar$ Utah, Recourier, Lefthouse, and TDavis (@recourier @lefthouserecord @marsutah @TrentDavis78) — that brought innovative Comic Book e-reader action to the WAX Blockchain — is making a triumphant entrance into the rapidly evolving 3D VR compatible world of Immersys!

The mystical power of the Essence is unleashed in the brand new MetaShop opening during the release of the next upcoming Immersys update, where citizens of this brave new virtual world can uniquely own the extravagant experiences that come to life right before their eyes!

E-Books explode onto the scene with vibrant animated action, compelling narration, and impactful soundscapes sure to impress!

In addition to the MetaForce Champions Vol. 2 collectors and comic book fans can look forward to collaborations with:
(1) Alien Worlds among the largest most established P2E gaming platforms — Mining on NERI 33,5 with NFT rewards.
(2) Warsaken the premier Military Strategy game on WAX (
(3) “Signature Sound” technology amplifying the SwizzlePunks just released 3/21/22 with (in)famous MetaRockers extraordinaire The Nasty Hooks! (

Join the MetaRevolution in Discord and enjoy MetaFusion Mondays 8PM EST followed at 8:30PM EST with Marbles on Stream giveaways on Twitch ( as we boldly go where no comic book collection has gone before!

Now dear reader you have earned a chance to MetaEvolve from a simple citizen to the Champion you are inside by entering to WIN: — Givelab!

May the Essence be with You Champions!