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MetaForce Comics
7 min readJan 23, 2022


It’s been a little while since we have written an update for Medium. We have been focused on giving regular updates in our Discord and connecting with members there. I want to reach out further to talk about how MetaForce Comics is prepping for 2022.

We have a lot of updates to discuss, so I wanted to give a rough bullet point so you know what to expect.

  • Whitepaper
  • Website
  • Team Expansion
  • Variants & Packs
  • Crafting & Leaderboard
  • Token
  • Partners/Collab
  • P2E


MetaForce Comics (MFC) has updated and publicized it’s whitepaper. Though we had always had an internal whitepaper off of which we were working we felt it was time to share with the community. Though this article will give an outline of much covered in the whitepaper it’s worth checking it out at There we go over all the exciting things happening in MFC and the future we see in 2022.


We have recently made a number of updates to our website. Though our site was additionally a great place for information about MFC, and a place to read your comics, we wanted to expand it much more to become a full platform for comics in the Metaverse. We have taken a look at some of the websites of comic legends and learned from them. Our goal is to expand our appeal out to the comic audiences that may not have yet felt comfortable in the NFT world. Our first step is to aim for ease of navigation and comfortable feel. As we go forward we want to ultimately allow the user to do everything they need from the website. Future improvements will include direct on site primary sales, as well as a secondary market that connects to the atomic assets standard.

In our most recent update we have dedicated pages to help people link to sales, markets, and partners. We are also happy to introduce our crafting page, which gives a leaderboard of those who have collected crafted NFTs and/or crafted them and held. This will not only be important for MFC crafting rewards, but these are the NFTs that will be stakeable in partner projects play to earn websites.

Team Expansion

We have been expanding the team and plan to continue to expand into 2022. We now have a number of guest artists that work on various comics and collectibles. We have music being written to be included in future legendary comics. We have dedicated developers working on building our platform.

We are also looking for additional comic style artists who want to contribute to the MFC brand. We are looking for staff writers for written communications with the community as well as comic writers to help develop our comics. Being part of our team means you are helping to shape how the comics genre enters the NFT market and we are excited to share that with others that also have those passions.

Variants & Packs

We are really excited to tell you about the introduction of variants. Each series comic that gets issued will have an A, B, and C variant. The A variant will account for roughly 50% of the covers with the B and C variants being more scarce. When you open any future series comic packs you will have the chance to open one of the variants. With the comics coming in 3 rarities with 3 variants there will be 9 total comics you can potentially collect per drop.

We are also adding an additional pack type, the legendary pack. In this pack you are guaranteed a common, rare, and legendary comic. Though you will get one of each rarity type, the variants will be randomized so you can get any number of potential outcomes.

Crafting & Leaderboard

We are excited to really embrace the crafting mechanics of the MetaForce collection. Since launch we have had crafting known as “MetaFusion” for our series 1 collectibles. The only way to get the Champions is to craft them. There is a one year window for crafting that will close this spring. These crafted Champions will have points associated with them and will help climb you up the leaderboard on our crafting page.

In addition to Champions we have collectors badges that can be crafted. These are crafted using the open wrappers from our comics. After opening a series comic you will receive an open wrapper NFT. This wrapper can be saved as a collectible in it’s own right, or can be used to craft badges. The badges will also count towards our leaderboard.

The leaderboard will be used to engage with our community and reward the most involved collectors. Also the leaderboard won’t be just for whales. We plan future iterations where we can reward most crafted of a given rarity in a week, or just who has the most commons. We want to be able to engage with every level of collector.


As discussed in our whitepaper, we plan to bring out first an NFT token, and then later, a smart contract to allow you to turn that NFT into a fungible token. This will be called our dual token system.

The tokens will be used for both purchasing certain MFC drops, as well as used in crafts to create a deflationary model. These tokens will be used to reward engagement with the platform, including working up the ranks on our leaderboard. They will be issued as rewards in certain P2E collaborations, and at certain team events.


In 2022 we will be expanding our partnerships with a number of both art and gaming partners. We have an Alien Worlds comic series in active development, as well as a Warsaken comic series in pre-development. We had successful collaboration drops with Neon Space and Marble Cards last year and look forward to working with them again in the coming year. We are looking to expand our comic and art partners throughout the year.

Play to Earn

In addition to our leaderboard we are engaging in a number of play to earn gaming platforms and Metaverses. It’s our goal to have a presence, and play to earn model, implemented in the most relevant Metaverse games.

Alien Worlds

We currently have a mining location in Alien Worlds at site Neri 33,5. By mining at this location you can not only earn TLM, the AW in game token, you can also earn MetaForce NFTs. We will regularly stock our pool and allow users to win NFTs by mining our land.


MetaForce Comics is a strong supporter and long term partner of Taco. We initially offered comics for sale in the Taco shop and will continue to do so. We also plan to get a venue, or venues, in the Taco Metaverse. We look forward to upcoming mechanics that should allow for in game engagement and distribution.

The Uplift World

We also have a location in the Uplift World at Genesis 3700,3700. We continue to build on our site adding more lore and story. In the future we are very hopeful to include things like NFT drops and an in game shop. These updates depend on the Uplift World development moving forward and we are excited to see what they can do.

Train of the Century

We are the owners of Pinnacle Station in the Centuryville region of Train of the Century. We are excited for when train station branding as well as in game drops become possible.

NFT Battle Miners

We have been a long time contributor to the NFT Battle Miner partner pool. We are enjoying being along for the development of the platform and look forward to seeing future potential for engagement.


We have run programs for NFT mining in Upland in the past. Although some changes to their platform have temporarily halted that program we are excitedly looking forward to other ways to make our presence known in game.


To sum it all up, we think we have a really exciting 2022 year ahead of us. With many opportunities for growth and collaboration we can’t help but be excited for what there is to come.

We appreciate all of our dedicated community members and can’t wait to leap into 2022 along with you.