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Issue 1 Common Cover

It has been an exciting time as we work on the comic books and website and we are looking forward to bringing you the next innovation in NFTs. We have selected our reader platform and are working on integrating it into our website.

The first step of prepping the site was to set it up with WAX wallet log in. You can now go to and log in with either the Wax cloud wallet or Anchor wallet. You can currently see all your MetaForce inventory. In the coming weeks we will be adding inventory sorting and filtering.

We are also hard at work on building the reader and we are currently working on the integration to the website. We are hopeful to see this completed and ready for community testing very soon. What will we test it with you ask? Keep your eyes peeled for a promotional test comic. This comic will expound on the lore and backstory of our Champions. This comic will not be for sale, but will be distributed to our most loyal fans and followers. There will be a number of ways to get the promo comic, so stay engaged in the discord to find out how and when. Check out a page of the promo comic below.

Promo Comic Page

The pack sale is tentatively scheduled for one month from today, July 22nd. The pack sale will have both a whitelisting pre-sale and an open primary sale. Some of our biggest fans were not able to get our packs during our primary sale and we didn’t want that to happen again. The presale will take a portion of total available comic packs and make them available only to whitelisted accounts. The whitelisting process is not prescriptive and will require community engagement. We will have many ways to measure this but the best way to be involved is to get into the discord and enjoy the events. We have a weekly trivia event and other types of engagement activities that will run at various times or across multiple days. We will also be taking snapshots of wallets, including those with staked assets. Those wallets holding champions will have a much higher probability of being whitelisted. More or higher rarity champions will increase your likelihood. If you aren’t crafting champions it might be a good time to start. Champions will be our primary target for rewarding our community. We chose this method as we felt those staking just for the stake value would not likely go to the effort to craft.

We discussed many options while working towards our comic model. We did think about many potential options for “assembling” the comics. Though we did consider these we ultimately decided that our #1 goal was to provide people the ability to open and and read comics right away. That joy and anticipation of seeing the next part of the story shouldn’t be disrupted by trying to put together pieces in what can sometimes be an illiquid market. When you open your comic pack it will be ready to be read. Though we do anticipate that many platforms that are currently available will not be able to read or recognize the attachment, you will be able to read it on our website. We also intend to work with sites like Atomic Hub or NFTHive on how to implement a viewer if they are interested in doing so. The goal is to propagate out the technology to share it with the space.

In total there will be 6,000 packs sold in 2 types. Each pack will hold a single copy of the comic book and a single collectible card. A very limited amount of packs will hold an additional high rarity collectible card. There will be 5 variants of this collectible for the 5 champions. Although the comic rarities are based on the pack rarity, the collectibles will have equal rarities across all packs. This means even a common pack could potentially end up with a legendary and bonus card.

MarsDrop Tear Card

The comics themselves will come in 3 rarities. They will be common (4900), rare (1,000) and legendary(100). The collectibles will come in 4 rarities. They will be common (4,800), rare (1,080), legendary (120) and a 4th rarity and amount that we are not ready to reveal. They will however be extremely rare.

If there are any unsold book packs, they will be burned after 6 months. Sold book packs will have no limit on how long they can be held. A collector can choose to hold the pack indefinitely and the templates will remain open.

Comic Book Pack Types
Book packs will come in 2 types, common and rare.

Common Pack — 5,000 packs
Comics (1 per pack)
- 98% Common
- 2% Rare

Collectibles (1 per pack)
- 80% Common
- 18% Rare
- 2% Legendary

Bonus Collectible (1 extra card)
Details not yet available

Rare Pack — 1,000 packs

- 90% Rare
- 10% Legendary

Collectibles (1 per pack)
- 80% Common
- 18% Rare
- 2% Legendary

Bonus Collectible (1 extra card)
Details not yet available

We wanted to take a moment to touch on the topic of staking. Although it was intended to be a bonus for our community, the staking has turned out to have to opposite impact for some collectors. With so many cards staked for income it is very hard to have an active and productive trading market. This has lead us to the conclusion that the comic books will NOT be able to be staked. We want these to be available for people to read and enjoy. We want there to be a fair and reasonable market for them, and we want collectors to collect.

We also recognize that some of our die hard fans also genuinely enjoy the staking model. As such, the collectible cards that come in the packs will eventually be able to be staked. We say eventually as we want them to be out and available on an open market for trading for a period of time. The exact amount of time has not been set in stone, but it will be a minimum of a month. We will not provide an exact date for staking until we have had time to watch the market and be sure that a healthy and active secondary market has had it’s time.

Finally we wanted to discuss pricing. It is our goal to provide top notch artwork at a fair price. It must be understood that the amount of art in a single comic book might be equivalent to the artwork needed for 40 or more NFTs. Each panel has to be drawn, colored and finished with the same precision as an individual NFT. We wanted to provide a price that was fair to our collectors while also reflecting the amount of work it takes to make the comic. We have settled on a pricing model for this sale of $20 for each common pack and $50 for each rare pack. We genuinely hope that our collectors can see the value in that pricing and decide our work is worth your hard earned WAX.

We want to thank every one of our fans for your dedication and commitment to MetaForce. We will continue to work hard to bring you the best original NFT long form comic book available in the space.




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