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9 min readApr 2, 2021
MetaForce Cards

MetaForce Comics is excited to share the details of their first set of collectible cards which go on sale May 1st. Our cards will have a distinctive comic book feel while also maintaining some of the expected practices in the collectibles market. One notable change that may catch some collectors off guard, MetaForce cards will be presented in both portrait and landscape orientations.

Cards will come in 7 different rarities. With each increasing rarity the total number of cards will decrease. The target for the total number of cards in packs, if all packs were opened, would be 150% of final target supply before any burn mechanics were utilized. If all cards available for upgrade were to be burned, the final number of cards would drop by 1/3 assuming all packs were opened. Final total card amount is expected to fall somewhere between those two boundary amounts.

For each card type the target distribution across rarities would be as follows.

Common — 64%
Uncommon — 23%
Rare — 8.68%
Epic — 2.8%
Legendary — 1%
Mythic — 0.4%
Collectors Edition — 0.12%

Today we are unveiling the first 4 classes of cards, common through epic. These cards will have a somewhat similar look at feel with each level making changes to differential it from the other rarities. Each border also pays homage to the character depicted in the center of the card. You will see that there are border colors, dark gray, blue, red, light gray…that will persist through all cards in that rarity. However there are also border elements that will be different for each. This is an intentional departure from the less exciting frames that often adorn common and uncommon cards. It was purposeful that even our common cards didn’t feel too common.


There are 5 classes of cards that are used to complete the MetaForce collection. Each card has an important part to play in the story and lore of the comics. There are Champions, Citizens, Alters, Evil-Doers, and Essence. You must collect each of the first four cards to complete your collection. The fifth card, Essence, will be used as a resource to complete the collection.

Champions are the members of the MetaForce. The Champions exist because of a Citizens ability to harness the Essence to gain their powers.

When not fighting to protect the metaverse the Champions exist day to day as Citizens. They choose to return to everyday society when not protecting the metaverse.

These are the items or technology that our Champions have interacted with while harnessing the Essence. These Alters are directly tied to the powers gained by the Champions.

Evil-Doers are those that try to attack or manipulate the metaverse for their own gain. Exploiting and deceiving the Citizens, they create the chaos against which the Champions must fight.

Essence is the energy fueling all true creation in the metaverse. It is responsible for the creation of the MetaForce.

In the MetaForce Comics metaverse Champions are created when a Citizen uses the Essence to harness the power of an Alter. To make a Champion card you will need to take the appropriate Citizen card and the matching Alter card and combine them with an Essence card. These 3 cards will be burned and you will be issued the Champion card in the order that they are minted. The process of fusing these together is called MetaFusion. The Champion card will be a match to the appropriate Citizen and Alter cards, the Essence cards will be universally used and will not be specific to any Citizen. This MetaFusion will be available for every rarity level of cards. To get a legendary Champion, you must fuse together a Legendary Citizen, a Legendary Alter and a Legendary Essence.

The initial card distribution will allow for 100% of Essence cards to be burned, 50% of Citizen cards, 50% of Alter cards, and there will be no upgrade mechanic for Evil-Doers. If all packs were to be opened and all cards upgraded each rarity would have an equal amount of Champion, Citizen, Alter and Evil-Doer cards. Additionally no Essence would remain as it would all be burned.

It is unlikely that 100% of the Essence will be burned. As MetaFusion takes place Essence will become more and more scarce. Additionally the Champion cards will have ever increasing mint numbers. This is likely to lead to a situation where Champion cards are much more rare than any other card types. Essence cards will have no additional upgrade usage other than MetaFusing to create Champion cards, so it will be for the individual collector to decide their tolerance for burning Essence or keeping it for its own collectible value.


Card Pack Mechanics
It has been an issue in the collectibles world where packs are purchased and then sold for large markups, sometimes speculators wait out the actual consumers for years. This leads to a situation where due to the high price speculation the cards may never get into circulation. This often has a way of pricing out some collectors that are not at the launch or find the series later on. It also leaves you with significant amounts of packs unopened, in some cases leaving very rare and sought after cards lost forever. In other cases packs may be opened years later, possibly many years, and will potentially dilute the supply and devalue certain cards.

Additionally, not all pack sales sell out. This leaves collectors wondering if there was an overabundance of supply. It also can lead to collection producers making additional cards to incentivize pack sales or create other afterthought mechanics to reduce the supply.

Finally, with mint on demand mechanics you need to leave templates open and with an undefined supply. This leads to people asking the question, how can a card be considered rare when the max supply is infinite?

The MetaForce card collection attempts to addresses these concerns by putting several previously unused mechanics into play for the card series. All of these mechanics are designed to both encourage pack opening, and discourage price gauging on packs long term. We understand these mechanics will be controversial, and aim to employ them only on the collectibles. These mechanics are not part of the comic book series.

MetaForce card packs will have a time limit on how long they can be opened. After a period of time all remaining unsold packs will be burned. Furthermore the card minting smart contract will be closed as well as the templates for the individual cards. What this means is that all cards will have a finite, and defined, maximum supply. There will be no guessing from the long term holder if there will be a sudden influx of cards due to pack openings at a later date. This will be a first of it’s kind in the WAX blockchain collectibles space. It will give series 1 a distinction different than all other collectible series. After the waiting period the contracts will close and the collection cannot ever be diluted. The only possible way to change the total card count at that time would be to burn cards which would become a deflationary model and increase the value of the entire series.

For our launch we will be utilizing a 12 month countdown on all series 1 cards. The dynamics will be reviewed after the sale to determine if it was a popular mechanic and if it should be re-used and if so whether a longer or shorter time period would be optimal for other series.

For those holding packs they will continue to own the pack NFT. This NFT will not go away, it just will no longer be able to be opened for cards. Low mint card packs may still hold value due to their low mint, and likely would have never been opened anyway, but it will put a line in the sand for the exact amount of packs, and cards in existence.

Card Pack Pools

In addition to the ability to get low mint Champions through MetaFusion there will also be additional incentives to open packs early. There will be card mint pools made that will be accessible based on the amount of packs that are opened. The first pool will represent the lowest mint numbers, and in this way by opening packs early you are guaranteed mint numbers in the lowest portion of total mints. They will be pre-minted and randomized, so each pack will have the chance to get low mints. The worst mint you can get will be only part-way up the largest mint value available. Mint #1s will be excluded from this pool to protect from accidental burning during the MetaFusion rush.

The second pool will represent the majority of the remaining cards. These will be mint numbers ranging between the end of the first pool and the majority of remaining mints. Even if you missed the first pool these packs will afford you the opportunity to get lower mint numbers than the mint on demand pool. This pool will also contain all the mint #1 cards. Once this pool is reached the rush for MetaFusion will be over and it will be safe to bring the mint #1 cards into circulation. These will be pre-minted and randomized so you can expect a range of mint numbers in these packs. You will also have a chance to get mint #1.

The final pool will represent the highest portion of total potential mint numbers. These will be mint on demand and will be first come first served. Keep in mind, there will still be high rarity cards in these packs, and so opening will be important. You may need a card in these packs to mint a Champion.

Pool #1
Pre-minted, randomized for packs
Mints starting at #2
Promo packs will NOT draw from this pool
Standard and Large packs will draw from this pool

Pool #2
Pre-minted, randomized for packs
Includes all mint #1s
Promo packs will NOT draw from this pool
Standard and Large packs will draw from this pool

Pool #3
Mint on demand
Promo packs will draw from this pool regardless of when opened
Standard and Large packs will draw from this pool after exhausting pool #2

It must be noted that these will not be separate pack types. The standard and large packs can fall into any pool. It will be dependent only on how quickly you open them.

All pack sales will have per account maximum as well as cool down periods. This will help ensure a fair and broad distribution.

Card Pack Types
Card packs will come in 3 types.

Promo Packs — 2 cards
3.33% of total card supply
Pool 3 only, mint on demand, starting above pre-mints highest mint number

Standard Packs — 5 cards
46.67% of total card supply
Pools 1 & 2 pre-minted random mint numbers
Pool 3 mint on demand starting above pre-mints highest mint number

Large Packs — 30 cards
50.0%% of total card supply
Pools 1 & 2 pre-minted random mint numbers
Pool 3 mint on demand starting above pre-mints highest mint number

All of the decisions regarding packs, cards, MetaFusion, and supply where all made by a group of people who have been collectors in the WAX space since it’s inception. We are collectors who wanted to make a collection that we thought would be most beneficial for the actual fans of the collection and would not easily lend itself to price manipulation. We want the cards in the hands of the people who want them.

We are intentionally limiting the supply to numbers we feel will be at the same time readily accessible for many collectors, while not oversupplying. Those that will want to take place in the series 1 sale and collections will benefit from a card count that is relatively low compared to many current pack sales. We wanted to give the collectors what we as collectors wanted to see. We did this with the utmost of care and consideration and without regard to making a pay day. It is our goal to establish a long lasting brand that will carry on for years. It is with this in mind that we were very mindful how we took our first step.

We know this approach will be controversial to some, but we hope you are open and excited to come along on the journey with us. We thank you for your time and support.

The MetaForce Team

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