“Galaxy Jumper — An Alien Worlds Adventure” NFT Drop Information

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4 min readJun 14, 2022


MetaForce Comics is a refreshing new take on how NFT’s can be utilized on a blockchain. We are a digital comic and publishing company that allows our collectors to begin to explore the Metaverse through our stories of digitally enriched comic books delivered as NFTs and the various utilities that they offer.

Exciting news for the Citizens of the Metaverse! MetaForce Comics is pleased to bring you the NFT drop details of our new full release on-chain page flipping Comic Book Series “Galaxy Jumper — An Alien Worlds Adventure Issue #1”.

Legendary Galaxy Jumper Pack

Drop date: June 20th, 2022

Drop time: Whitelist holders — 5:00 PM UTC, 1:00 PM EDT, 10:00 AM PDT

Public Sale — 6:00 PM UTC, 2:00 PM EDT, 11:00 AM PDT

Badge Blending — 6:30 PM UTC, 2:30 PM EDT, 11:30 AM PDT

Whitelist Badge holders get 1 hour to purchase packs ahead of the public. There are none reserved for the public sale so there is no guarantee the packs will make it to the public sale. Get your Whitelist badge blended today! Any unsold during the whitelist sale will move to the public sale.

Link to whitelist badge blend here

Link to whitelist medium article here

Drop Link: https://neftyblocks.com/c/metaforce

Purchase in: $WAXP, $TLM, $CMX

70% of the packs are available in $WAXP

15% of the packs are available in $TLM (requires whitelist badge)

15% of the packs are available in $CMX (requires whitelist badge)

Drop Contents and price:

Common Pack $10 — 1 Common Comic Variant and 1 Common Pack Wrapper.

Rare Pack $25 — 1 Rare Comic Variant (Extremely low chance for a Legendary) and 1 Rare Pack Wrapper.

Legendary Pack $75— 3 Total Comics! 1 Common, 1 Rare, and 1 Legendary Variant. 1 Legendary Pack Wrapper. Guaranteed 1 of each rarity

Pack Supply: Common Packs 4820, Rare Packs 940, Legendary Packs 80

Pack Rarity Odds:

“Galaxy Jumper — An Alien Worlds Adventure” Series 1 will come in three types, common, rare, and legendary packs.

Common packs will only include common rarity comics with common variants.

  • 50% Common Variant A
  • 30% Common Variant B
  • 20% Common Variant C

Rare packs will contain primarily rare comics with a small chance of legendary variant A.

  • 48.94% Rare Variant A
  • 29.36% Rare Variant B
  • 19.57% Rare Variant C
  • 2.13% Legendary Variant A (LUCKY PULL)

Legendary packs will give you one of each of the common, rare and legendary comics. This is the only pack in which you can find legendary variants B or C. This is the go to pack for the animated and voice acted comic and are in VERY limited supply!

100% Common

  • 50% Variant A — Common
  • 30% Variant B — Common
  • 20% Variant C — Common

100% Rare

  • 50% Variant A — Rare
  • 30% Variant B — Rare
  • 20% Variant C — Rare

100% Legendary

  • 37.50% Variant A — Legendary
  • 37.50% Variant B — Legendary
  • 25% Variant C — Legendary

What is a Variant?

Each comic will come in the variants labeled A, B, & C. Each variant will have it’s own cover, the internal story and art will be the same for each of the variants with the cover art being the distinctive feature.

Empty pack wrappers — The empty pack wrappers will be used in blending for Galaxy Jumper Collectors Badges which are NFT collectibles that carry utility of their own.

Example blend. 1 Legendary Wrapper will be capable of creating 1 Legendary Badge. While 3 Legendary Wrappers will produce a Mythic Badge. 1 Legendary Badge Combined with a Mythic Badge will produce the ELUSIVE Collectors Edition Badge boasting a maximum mint of 5 Badges.

Collectors Badge for Galaxy Jumper Issue #1

What are the differences between the Comic rarities?

Legendary — The legendary comic will tell the same story as the rest, but will be an entirely different experience. When you open the cover of the legendary comic you will be met with a completely encompassing and engrossing multimedia comic experience. (Voice & animation)

Rare — The rare comic takes the same story and pages from the common comic and adds dynamic function and animation within the pages. As you read various images will move in a way to help enhance the story.

Common — The common comic is a digital version of what one might expect from a standard comic book. The individual images will all be still, with the exception of the page turn animation, and you will read the comic in the same way you would a standard paper comic.

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