“Galaxy Jumper — An Alien Worlds Adventure” by MetaForce Comics and its Whitelist requirements.

MetaForce Comics
3 min readMay 23, 2022

MetaForce Comics is a refreshing new take on how NFT’s can be utilized on a blockchain. We are a digital comic and publishing company that allows our collectors to begin to explore the Metaverse through our stories of digitally enriched comic books delivered as NFTs and the various utilities that they offer.

Exciting days lie ahead of MetaForce Comics and their collectors as we move into full production state of back to back release schedules of fresh new content to the WAX blockchain!

After successful creation of our proprietary NFT E-Reader for books on-chain (fully functional page flipping action, including both audio and animation) our collectors were able to enjoy the release of the Series 1 Comic at launch.

But what’s NEXT?!

Well, you may have been seeing new MetaForce promotional NFT’s circulating around the Alien Worlds community or around the various Metaverses. You may already even own a few!

In collaboration with Alien Worlds (A long running EXTREMELY popular NFT play2earn Meta-game) MetaForce Comics brings you a new highly anticipated series “Galaxy Jumper — An Alien Worlds Adventure” with 2 new E-READER ready NFT releases back to back. First the “Galaxy Jumper Lore Stories” which is already available for blending here. (Backstory on characters and cast). Then on Monday, June 13th the full feature comic will be dropped and released.

How do you Whitelist for the comic release?

Its extremely simple! It is a self-serve badge that you can blend on NeftyBlocks! The NFT’s required are the PROMO covers you may have gotten if you mined NERI 33:5 in Alien Worlds or participated in our discord.

You may want to come on in and check the discord out! We currently have a very rewarding Whitelist badge blending competition running!

What is the price of the Galaxy Jumper Series 1 comic?

All packs can be purchased using $WAXP, $TLM, $CMX

Common Packs — $10

Rare Packs — $25

Legendary Packs — $70

More details about pack odds and rarities will be released soon and all of our current drops are included here!

How do you READ a MetaForce Comic?!

This is also super simple! Go to our website is the first step!!

You will then LOGIN with your WAX wallet in the top right of our website and click “Read Now”

You will then see all the Comics and Digital Collectables that you own from our collection. From here choose the “Comics” tab and you will then be able to open and page flip with our fully interactive e-reader. The page flipping is OH SO satisfying on mobile!

We look forward to seeing you in our community and hearing what you think about “Galaxy Jumper — An Alien Worlds Adventure”!

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